...in the dark shall come to thee,
flaming in all it's power and glory
and you shall perish to the edge of time,
for it is the Last Omen that you seek...

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 Rogue Recruitment [CLOSED]

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Rogue Recruitment [CLOSED] Empty
PostSubject: Rogue Recruitment [CLOSED]   Rogue Recruitment [CLOSED] Icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2007 6:51 pm

Currently Looking For:

1) Passion for raiding/exploring new content.
2) Availability. Meaning being online 3-4 days a week, during peek raiding time (18:00 - 00:00 server time)
3) Able to take harsh criticism/jokes. Fun personality/sense of humor, easy to work with!
4) Willing to wipe and spend a lot of time/effort mastering new encounters without losing focus/motivation.
5) You must have a flying mount.
6) First Aid 375.
7) Attuned to Karazhan
Cool Online 3-5 days/week during our raiding time (AKA 18:30-00:00 server time)
9) You have the necessary mods installed and updated (CT-Raid, Deadly Boss, Decursive etc)
10)Teamspeak. Listening is required, although having a mic would be great.
11)17+ age, no particular genre.
12)Decent gear, meaning end-game enchants/gems, reputation/badge items etc.
13)Fill in the Application Form.

What we don't want:
If any of the following describes you, save yourself and us the time/trouble and look somewhere else.
1)People who can't take harsh criticism.
2)Joining for loot rather than accomplishments.
3)Expecting only farming status raiding.
4)Anyone who is new to raiding/wow is better off starting somewhere else.

BEFORE you apply, make sure you really really want this and will be able to cope with our requirements and raiding times for extended periods and for the distant future.

Application Form:
1. Character Name, Time Played:
2. Other characters:
3. Armory Link.
4. Available weekly raiding times: Day/Hours.
5. Previous raiding groups position, member for how long and reason you left.
6. Raiding experience: Pre-TBC raiding experience / TBC raiding/heroic experience:
7. Why are you applying to the Last Omen / why do you want to raid:
8. Who are your friends / contacts in Last Omen:
9. I have time and am willing to farm and prepare for raids / wipes (Yes/No):
10. About yourself: Age, country, gender, and anything else you might feel is relevant.
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Rogue Recruitment [CLOSED]
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