...in the dark shall come to thee,
flaming in all it's power and glory
and you shall perish to the edge of time,
for it is the Last Omen that you seek...

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 Xoni-combat dagger rogue

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PostSubject: Xoni-combat dagger rogue   Xoni-combat dagger rogue Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 8:13 pm

1) Character name: Xoni
played time: 42 days and 8 hours

2) other characters: Fanka 27 (hunter)

3)Armory link

4)Avaible raid times: Tuesdays 18;00 - 22:00, Fridays 18:00-23:00/24:00 Saturdays after 12:00-24:00 Sundays : 8:00- 16:00

5) Earlier raidguilds/raid groups: TSHRC(The super happy rainbow club)was a raid group but have taken a break from raiding now, Chosen Elites it got disbanded after a Karazhan run when alot of the members started to complaining about the other didnt healed good enough, didnt do good enought DPS etc, Extension that what im in now.

6) Pre-TBC/TBC raid experience: Well I started to play WoW just before TBC came out(played on friends chars before that) so ive got experience from: Zul'Gurub(5 bosses), Karazhan(cleared), Gruul (cleared) and all the heroic istants.

7) Why are you applying to the Last Omen / why do you want to raid: Well i think that raiding is fun and i want to raid more than just Karazhan, special 25 mans.

8)Who are your friends / contacts in Last Omen: Well i saw a person said it in the trade channel. But i was in the same guild as Willi for a long time ago ( Delter dawn)

9) have time and am willing to farm and prepare for raids / wipes: Yes, i am willing to farm and prepare for raid and buy whatever it shal be of potions,food etc. And yes i am willing to go on and keep trying to kill the bosses still if we wipe

10)About yourself: Age, country, gender, and anything else you might feel is relevant:
Well im am from Norway, 15 year old. I am a boy. Playing soccer 5 times a week. hmm...mayby not able to raid some periods because of school. Well thats it

Well that was it and i hope i can start raiding with you Very Happy
If its something else you wanna know then just send me an in-game mail or whisper me
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Xoni-combat dagger rogue Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xoni-combat dagger rogue   Xoni-combat dagger rogue Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 8:24 pm

Hey Xoni Very Happy been a long time, we are infact loooking for some good rogues to join our sides in 25mans.
Your gear is Looking good for the job, and I think you look good for the job, so go ahead and register to the forum and ponos will activate you. You will be on trial till further notice Smile
So hope to see you around.

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Xoni-combat dagger rogue
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