...in the dark shall come to thee,
flaming in all it's power and glory
and you shall perish to the edge of time,
for it is the Last Omen that you seek...

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 Mayorthis - Holy priest

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PostSubject: Mayorthis - Holy priest   Mayorthis - Holy priest Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 7:11 pm

1. Character Name: -Mayorthis- , Time Played: 30 days.
2. Other characters: 67 hunter on Zenedar.
3. Armory Link.- -
4. Available weekly raiding times: Day/Hours. well in the days from Monday- Thursday about 22:00. In Weekends. Till we end.
5. Previous raiding groups position, member for how long and reason you left. Havent been in a raid Group before, only raid guilds.
6. Raiding experience: Pre-TBC raiding experience / TBC raiding/heroic experience: I aint got any exp in pre TBC. But got Exp in Kara, aswell gruul. I have exp, in all heroics exept Arca xD
7. Why are you applying to the Last Omen / why do you want to raid: Because i like to raid .?
8. Who are your friends / contacts in Last Omen: Ponos
9. I have time and am willing to farm and prepare for raids / wipes (Yes/No): Yes
10. About yourself: Age, country, gender, and anything else you might feel is relevant: Age: 14, Country: Denmark, Gender: Male.
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Raid Leader

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Mayorthis - Holy priest Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mayorthis - Holy priest   Mayorthis - Holy priest Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 7:47 pm

Hey Mayo,
Your gear seems ok, i will contact you in game, to have a little chat concerning your availability.

CU online

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Mayorthis - Holy priest
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